The Gus Wagon - Santiago de Chilé

I’ve been on the road for almost a full year. Mostly living on the bike while I ride through some of the most remote and exposed environments of the world. I spend most nights in the tent and carry all my food and supplies to be self sufficient. I’ve been so fortunate to witness some of the most beautiful sights of nature. Mountains covered in snow and ice, rivers running with the freshest of water, the light of the sunset and sunrises often by looking out of my tent. One of the most amazing and surprising parts of my journey has been the interactions I’ve had with people, especially the unexpected ones in the middle of nowhere. Whilst I was in Central Asia, I was taken in out of the elements by families for a warm meal, or to spend the night in their most modest dwellings. Often all of this without a word spoken (in the same language).

Arriving in Santiago was overwhelming, my mind was racing and my eyes tired trying to keep up with everything happening around me. The traffic on the streets, the people rushing about and the noise.. the noise of a bustling city was enough to rattle my brain. All the time by myself has allowed me to think a lot. Think about myself, about other people, about the way I view the world. I’m not sure I quite fit in to the world anymore, maybe I never did.

Angus, 2020

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